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Thurrock Church Brasses

This church contains two effigies, a priest and a civilian, and several inscriptions, The priest (Fig.6) is the earliest of its type still existing in the county and is in very good condition. It lies on the north side of the chancel floor and is 33cm high. This is the brass of Richard de Beltoun who was rector of the church and he is shown wearing the vestments of the mass, which are the alb, the chasuble, the maniple and the amice. Each of these has a differently embroidered border; the amice, which lies around the neck, is particularly fine. The hair is curly and although it may not be apparent in the illustration, the original rubbing shows that he has a rich growth of stubble in the form of pin-pricks all over his chin and upper lip. The inscription on the plate, 49cm x 7cm, beneath him reads:
'Hic iacet dns Ricardus de Beltou q'nda Rector istius ecclie cui aie p'picietur deus' which means, 'Here lies Sire Richard de Beltoun, some time Rector of this church, on whose soul may God have mercy. There is no date of death on the inscription but this well-preserved brass is estimated to be c.1340, well over 600 years old.

The civilian (Fig 7) lies on the south side of the chancel floor. This brass is very worn but it is clear that it depicts a man (31.75cm) in a long robe, which is typical of the period c.1460. Part of the right arm is missing. There is no inscription but it is thought to represent Thomas Baund, Sheriff of Essex and Herts., 1446-7, who held the manors of Hadham and Corringham.

On the chancel floor before the altar is an inscription (Fig 8) measuring 56.5 cm x 7.5cm in memory of Alice Greyve who died 16th March 1453. Palin suggests that she was probably the sister of the rector at that time, of the same name. Above the inscription is a much more recent brass, measuring 25 cm x 26 cm. in memory of the wife of the curate. It reads "Here lies Arabella the affectionate Wife & Faithful Friend of the Rev. Rich Okleshaw, Curate of this Parish. She died Aug" 25th 1742 Aet 28"

Between the chancel and the north chapel there is an inscription on the floor to Robert Draper (Fig 9) which measures 47 cm x 10.5 cm and reads:

"Here lieth the Body of Robte Draper Person of Corringham who decesed ye 18 of December, 1595".
As thow art, so was I
And as I am, so shalt thow be".

Robert Draper was Rector of Corringham from 1578 and was included in a Survey of the Ministry compiled in the late 16th century as being a 'double-beneficed' man i.e. he held two church livings.
On the floor of the nave is an inscription which is very difficult to read (Fig.10) but it has been recorded by Palin in the original Latin and quoted here:

"Hic Jacent Thomas Atlec quondam Firmarius istius manerij qui obiit ultimo die Novembris A. domini Mcccclxvij. et Margareta uxor eius. quorum animabus propicietur deus."
Thomas Atlec was a farmer and he died in November 1467.

A priest
Fig. 6

A civilian
Fig. 7

Inscriptioni n memory of Alice Greyve
Fig. 8

inscription to Robert Draper
Fig. 9

latin inscription to Thomas Atlec
Fig. 10

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