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  Orsett (12)
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Sinister background black

Or three bats displayed sable (Usko), impaling, Argent on a mound vert a man walking habited in a long russet gown with wide sleeves, his feet sandalled, head bare and hair dishevelled, holding in the dexter hand a long cross potent all proper

Motto: Resurgam (I shall rise again)

Shield surmounted by a lover’s knot and two cherubs’ heads

For Henrietta Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. John Frederick Usko, Rector of Orsett for 33 years. She died 19 July 1818, aged 41. He died 31 Dec. 1841, aged 81.

(Monumental Inscription; Elliott Armorial IV,318; The East Anglian, or Notes and Queries, etc. 1869, 111, 16)

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