A Map of Chadwell

Thanks to Thurrock Museum for permission to use this image.

This charming hand painted sketch map of Chadwell c. 1960 is in the Chadwell map drawer at Thurrock Museum. It shows Sleeper’s Farm, St Mary’s church, Chadwell House, Chadwell Hall (now demolished), Chadwell Place and the World’s End public house. The representation of these buildings appears to be very accurate, although their positions on the map have been adjusted to suit the fit.

The position of the Cross Keys public house is marked, but the building is not illustrated. The amphora pitcher may indicate the approximate location of an archaeological find. The figure at the bottom is probably Daniel Defoe. The outline around the map appears to be a reasonably accurate representation of the Chadwell parish boundary.

There is no indication as to who drew the map, when it was drawn or why. The way in which the buildings have been drawn does not match a much larger map of historical places in Thurrock and also does not match the illustrations in the book Forgotten Thameside. Identification of the coats of arms at the top and bottom might give some clues as to its origin.

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