Dracula's Heritage Plaque

  From Transylvania to Purfleet
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Jonathan Catton (Thurrock's Heritage Officer) watches as Ingrid Pitt talks about her experience as the "Hammer Queen of Horror" at the unveiling of the latest heritage plaque. The plaque will be on the wall of St Stephen's church in Purfleet which was built in the grounds of Purfleet House, which appears to have been the model for Carfax House in Dracula by Bram Stoker.

  "At Purfleet, on a by-road, I came across just such a place as seemed to be required, and where was displayed a dilapidated notice that the place was for sale. It was surrounded by a high wall, of ancient structure, built of heavy stones, and has not been repaired for a large number of years. The closed gates are of heavy old oak and iron, all eaten with rust.

"The estate is called Carfax, no doubt a corruption of the old Quatre Face, as the house is four sided, agreeing with the cardinal points of the compass."

Confusingly, there was a house called Carfax House in Purfleet, but this was built after the publication of the novel, and presumably took its name from the book rather than vice versa.

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