Thurrock Heritage Plaque

  George Kynoch and the Kynoch Explosives Works
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This picture hangs in Kynoch Court, an extra care accomodation in Stanford le Hope. It shows George Kynoch after whom the building was named. He founded the explosives company named after him and in 1897 this company opened the Kynoch Explosives Works on former marshland in Fobbing and Corringham that had been purchased two years earlier. This works produced cordite, gun-cotton, black powder, nitro-glycerine and cartridges. The site had good communications by river and its isolation provided safety to neighbouring settlements. Huts were provided for workers and eventually brick houses were built. This became known as Kymoch Town. The factory closed after the 1st World War and the site was bought by Cory Brothers. It became known as Cory Town and is now the Coryton refinery. On 15th March, a Thurrock heritage plaque to George Kynoch was unveiled at Kynoch Court.

The plaque was unveiled by the mayor, Councillor Diana Revell. Among those watching are Jonathan Catton, Thurrock's Heritage Officer and George Donovan, a resident whose interest sparked the decision to place the plaque.

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